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Interior Design ideas for bedroom walls

Bedroom Wall Textures Ideas & Inspiration
July 19, 2018 – 09:22 pm
Interior Design Ideas For

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Trade-in those paint swatches for a palette of gorgeous textures – these rooms show how to use light, shadow, depth, and construction in a variety of beautiful and useful techniques. Room wall surface designs could be artful or refined, simple or complex, and certainly will result in wall space so beautiful you just might think hard about covering them with photographs or framed art.

This bright and roomy area channels its playful design through a clever tile mosaic. In this situation, the textured accent wall assists expand the quick headboard for an integrated floor-to-ceiling impact, a rather balanced aesthetic for tall bedrooms.

Tough products and geometric habits give these room walls a cool commercial appeal. Industrial-inspired design can occasionally make a-room feel also cool, nevertheless liberal usage of contrasting surface makes this room feel hot and appealing.
Concrete, pinstripes, and rough wooden panels lead to a whimsical layered wall surface treatment. This brilliant and austere design could serve as great inspiration if you’re trying to find a way to use reclaimed or strange products.
Wood and tile herringbone sets the back ground with this black, comfortable room. Matte black paint opposite the window is an amazing option to cut ambient light – ideal for individuals who choose to sleep-in late regarding the vacations.
These concrete wall space are very done, yet retain the initial kind holes for character and urban flavor. The indirect lighting assists this hefty material look light as air, and attracts attention to the textural details to make this bedroom pop music.
Neat segmentation and directional comparison gives this tiny bed room huge character. Smooth white walls contrast from the concrete panels. Vertical wood slats result in the modern reading location feel its unique room.
This bedroom is unique and crisp. The cement panels attract immediate attention with varied patterns, alternating between herringbone and smooth horizontal shots. Wood panels and yellowish accents pop out of the monochrome palette.
Brick is gorgeous! This bed room makes the classic brick walls unique by utilizing black colored conduit as a faux headboard.
Luxurious gold dripping down black colored bricks make a distinctive statement.
Bright blue pops out of the cheerful whitewash right here.
Exploded panels adds drama to this usually gentle and simple room.
Light and shadow, level and measurement – 3D wall space tend to be a futuristic and useful option to bring surface to the forefront of interior planning.
Fabulous marbled cement prevents ahead of when the ceiling to provide this large room a calmer plus grounded atmosphere. The end result appears wealthy, clean, and comfortable.
Large panels offer a sharp and clutter-free way of surface. right here, gorgeous Asian-inspired latticework bleeds bright silver leafing to the recesses associated with incorporated storage cupboards.
Upholstery is a good way to obtain texture. The upholstered wall inside bed room in fact wraps around the area to cover an element of the roof – the result is an enclave of convenience.
This lighter bedroom provides a beautiful contrast between plush textile and cup wall treatments.
Honeycomb on glossy tangible, deep levels of lumber, tile and plaster… these combinations are strange and tremendously inspiring.
Layering unlocks limitless textural opportunities.
Rough unpainted timber slats develop a remarkable comparison using fresh, brightly coated blue boards. This kind of design might create a fantastic DIY task for just about any reclaimed timber you've got laying around – a smaller sized version will make a great headboard.
Black, streamlined, and elegant. Rich wood is an excellent answer for minimalist developers who want to warm things up with a touch of surface.
Tessellated wood panels give all these bed rooms an exceptional and attractive center point.
Using multiple varieties of timber leaves space for versatility if you decide to change the furniture or flooring.
This beautiful and functional “stacked” wall surface therapy provides lots of space for storage space and imagination. Light and shadow take center phase, with quick materials allowing this design to talk for itself.
Fresh white brick, weightless curtains, and a perforated accent wall – these three unique textures come together in a fascinating way. The variety helps to stabilize the initial fabric bed and shows powerful comparison.
Rock and timber are classic textures that keep their location as the most functional interior decor elements. This natural room embraces the rough-stone with loads of soft materials and abundant sunlight

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