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Vintage Modern Home Decor

Do Opposites Attract? See These 11 Surprising Decor Matches
May 31, 2022 – 03:52 am
Decorating Vintage Modern Home

In stylist Peter Frank's quirky Hudson Valley home, an 18th-century Korean display hangs above a sofa slipcovered in vintage French linen sheets. His guidance for a fruitful pairing? "everything comes down to contrasts: Mix hard with smooth, square with circular, blocky with leggy, " he claims.

Old Meets New

Though their designs are different, both kinds of illumination in this Las Vegas cooking area work well for his or her functions. Developers Caroline Decesare and Berkley Vallone opted for industrial-style holding lamps due to their modern edge — and to offer sufficient work lighting effects — over the two countries. Those pendants contrast using the rustic candle chandelier which softly illuminates the comfortable breakfast dining table.

A conventional Restroom with a Twist

Inside master restroom designed by Paolo Moschino, a 19th-century English assistant makes a surprising center point — and will be offering up an abundance of storage.

An Antique Country Blend

Clad in wood from a cigarette shed, this L.A. kitchen area integrates a rustic appearance with salvaged finds, like vintage chrome chairs being upholstered in Brazilian cowhide. Homeowners Robbin and Hillary Hayne even opted for never to match the vintage pendant lights.

Mingling of Styles

A Southampton, nyc, cottage mixes primitive and modern furnishings. Dark, classic Indonesian screen transoms hangover the white fireplace, while a Saarinen seat from Knoll softens the straight lines of 1940s French armchairs. "folks enter trouble when they do an excessive amount of something, " claims designer Vicente Wolf.

Surprise Blend

Primitive and cozy — however with an advantage — this Spanish-style nation house in Ca is made by Kelley McDowell, the spouse of star Malcolm McDowell. She created a shower home into the style of a metal casement screen and picked natural Ojai lake rock for floor.

Surprising Color Combo

In the family room of a Southampton, nyc, residence, fashion designer Steven Gambrel painted wall space two vivid Benjamin Moore colors — Cedar Green and Marlboro Blue — after that made the effect softer by framing them in white.

Out-of-the-Blue seats

Gambrel in addition supplied up comparison inside guy's bedroom, where he pulled up a pair of blue table chairs — reissues of a Josef Hoffmann design — with a brown wood table. Whilst the colors vary, both pieces have a useful, informal high quality for them.

A Silly Union

The living room by fashion designer Marshall Watson evokes a traditional mid-20th-century American sensibility however with today's angle. The settee's superscaled houndstooth contrasts with the carpet's green and navy stripes, whilst Lucite tables tend to be a striking distinction from the traditional English coffee table.

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