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How to Refinish a Vintage Midcentury Modern Chair
February 3, 2024 – 04:41 pm
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Here are important components of an authentic midcentury modern-day piece of furniture:

1. The lumber. Many midcentury pieces are constructed of solid teak, rosewood or walnut. You may find veneers within these types on tabletops and other flat areas, but that doesn’t mean it is not great.

2. Smooth construction. A real classic is rarely nailed or screwed. The Danish (who were at the forefront of the design) mastered the means of fitting wood collectively utilizing dowels and threaded bolts. This will make them effortlessly repairable.

3. The final: Midcentury mod finishes are nearly always natural, showing off the true beauty associated with the lumber. Sporadically an item could be painted a good color such as for example black colored.

We discovered this teak chair at a retro furnishings store. Even though it seemed shabby, the chair nonetheless had good bones. Not one regarding the lumber had been damaged, in addition to denting and scraping on top were small, less than 1/8 inch deep, which can be essential on an all natural finish; if you cannot sand from harm, it will show-through on finished piece. Also, the seat had the initial seat cushions, which implied it'd be easy to replicate a brand new collection of cushions.

Take away the cushions and the cycle springs that hold tension in seat pillow. Fortunately the loops on our chair have been in very good condition — these can become toughest component to displace on a single among these seats. When selecting a chair to refurbish, ensure that the loops tend to be undamaged or at the least get a steep rebate on cost if they are missing.

We utilized Jasco brand name stripper as it includes wax which will help keep the stripping vapors closed onto the area of this timber longer. Wear safety cups and rubber gloves. With a paintbrush, use a level coat of stripper throughout the entire chair. Have liquid nearby in case of a mishap. Employ liberally and do not brush over areas being currently coated given that it will break-down the chemical substances in addition they wont are well.

To accelerate the method time and help the stripper along, cover the seat in black plastic trash bags for around 20 moments. It generally does not have to be totally sealed, but if you are able to fit the entire chair in a huge case, that's the best. After the 20 minutes, remove the bags and employ a metal paint scraper to get rid of the finish and stripper through the seat.

Utilize odorless mineral spirits and a plastic-bristle brush to scrub off the accessibility stripper and finish. Mineral spirits will deactivate the stripper incase any got into the skin pores associated with the timber, it's going to be safe to refinish over a trace quantity. It must be switching slightly white now, but try not to be concerned; it can be sanded down later.

You'll ask why today rather than earlier in the day. Stripper is a bear to do business with when you yourself have absolutely nothing to grab, therefore maintaining the chair intact while carrying it out makes the process easier. Plus, its much easier to sand (utilizing the grain) whenever in pieces. Different the seat into as numerous pieces as you are able to quickly disassemble. Our chair has actually four pieces: the right side, left part, chair and back.

This is where you create or break the project, therefore invest some time and stay methodical. Use 150-grit sandpaper on a palm sander and stick to the contours associated with seat. (great sandpaper will probably be worth the additional expense, so buy the good stuff. It's going to keep going longer and won't tear since quickly.) Sand every little thing uniformly, and start to become mindful not to "chatter" the sander in the edges, because it leaves marks in the lumber you are trying to lessen. If you go into a strong location, just leave it for hand sanding.

Cut sandpaper into manageable squares. You need to be able to get four squares regarding each full-size sheet of sandpaper. Fold each square in two and commence working in the hard-to-reach areas that you couldn't get with the palm sander. You will need to sand using whole grain even in the event it means moving in brief strokes whenever butting against a constricting area.

Important: every one of the sanding marks will show through in the finished piece. The answer to a professional-looking job is in the sanding up to within the finishing.

To obtain the wealthy golden-orange colour of the teak, use a layer of teak oil. It's going to enter in to the whole grain for the lumber and secure it, and at once reveal the timber's all-natural shade. Begin by pouring a little bit from might into a container to dip a brush into. Use a chip brush to spread the teak oil all over the chair pieces. Coat it carefully and allow oil mean about 5 to 7 mins (in hotter climates, maybe three or four mins). Then wipe straight down all the pieces with on a clean cloth.

Essential: make sure you pull all the extra teak oil or it's going to gum up-and take days to dry. Once it's carefully cleaned down, let every one of the pieces sit for about 12 hours.

At this time, there are two main choices. You are able to stop and just have a slim difficult layer for the teak oil draw out the lumber's natural beauty. You'll have to re-apply another coat of teak oil every year or two, or medicine to see use. If you keep up with it, you will not want to remove and refinish. This choice will provide you with a much flatter finish appearance and is perhaps not for high-traffic consumption.

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