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January 3, 2019 – 05:03 am
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  • Started in 1966 by Carl Kirkland
  • Headquartered in the Nashville, TN location
  • 507.62 million in product sales in financial 2014
  • 340+ stores in 35 states
  • 6, 000+ employees
  • 9-12, 000 energetic items across web and shop networks

Kirkland's is much more than a respected retailer of interior decor and gift suggestions. At Kirkland's, our unique products create the background for unforgettable life activities, like a household dinner, a child's first birthday celebration, a 20th loved-one's birthday, or just a cozy evening inside.


Walk-through a Kirkland's store and you'll see; our items aren't exhibited on line after line of cool, metal shelves. As well as our shop associates, we generate inspirational conditions that delight the senses, spark thoughts, and inspire creativity.


In 1966, Kirkland's had been co-founded by Carl Kirkland in Jackson, TN, with an individual belief at heart: great style can come at an excellent price—always.


We trust offering customers with every thing they have to create inspirational lifestyle rooms, but we additionally trust living inspirational life. We honor this dedication through long-standing partnerships with local and national community-oriented organizations. Read more about our neighborhood involvement . We're highly grounded in Tennessee and Jackson is still house to a Sales Support and Distribution Center. Our head office is situated in Brentwood, TN within the Maryland Farms business neighborhood. Anyway quantities of the corporation, downline utilize their particular abilities to aid develop interesting backdrops for clients' daily resides, be it through merchandising, marketing and advertising, planning, accounting, and many other things. Everybody plays a significant role—even our interns! Explore profession options at Kirkland's to start out the following part of one's career.


We're an one-of-a-kind decor in your home and present store with over 340 stores across 35 states. See how our tale started and how you can easily help united states turn another web page...

A small present store with a distinctive sight

The retail industry is practically in Carl Kirkland's bloodstream. The co-founder grew up in the family's clothing shop in Union City, TN. At a young age, he had been devote charge associated with the Boy Scout division together with his first hands-on knowledge merchandising. In 1966, Carl unsealed a franchised gift store in Old Hickory Mall in Jackson, TN where he perfected their capability to discover and merchandise fashionable items at much more stylish costs. At about the same time, Carl's cousin, Robert Kirkland, did the same in Nashville, TN. Both males found success due to their down-to-earth business model: offer clients trendy things at great prices. Then, hold brand-new and unique services and products moving into the shop to please the consumer with fresh a few ideas on her behalf house.

From gift shop to home decor frontrunner

Into the belated 1970is the two guys began taking a trip overseas to find unique items that weren't offered various other design and present stores. Throughout the years to come, Kirkland's evolved from a present store to property decor merchant and moved away from being a mall-based operation. For some stores it is a hardcore change, but Kirkland's never strayed from founders' goal to own latest designs at a fantastic cost, with generated significantly more than 40 several years of success in the house decoration and present market. In 2005, Kirkland's detached from the mall origins and transitioned significantly more than 200 shops out of their mall places and into more available shopping malls. This has permitted Kirkland's to grow the dimensions and mix of product, making it easier for customers to get bigger things because of their houses, like lounges, couches, and vanity units.

Pink Cherry Blossom Tree Bonsai 24" H Artificial Decor Pink Nearly Natural Flower Home Botanical Flowers 96 LED Lights Energy Saving Indoor Use Night Light Party Parties Christmas Easter Center Piece Table Scape Decoration Shop Store Window Display Prop Play Theatre Stage Staging Home Interior Sales Bendable Flexible Personalize
Home (China)
  • Tree measures 24 High made of metal and synthetic materials
  • 96 Pre-lit LED energy saving ligths
  • Flexible design allows bending and shaping the beautiful pink lights and brown branches & trunk
  • Branches and cherry blossoms radiate with the soft glow of LED lights
  • AC adapter and power cord incl. Perfect for indoor installations. Indoor use only.
Kirkland Meow Cat Fish Bones Christmas Stocking
Home (Kirkland)
  • Cat Christmas Stocking
  • Measures 16 x 7 inches
  • Embroidered Meow
  • Felt Fish Bones on nylon front
Gift Boutique Coffee House Cup Mug Latte Java Mocha Wooden Wall Art Home Decor, Set of 3
Home (Gift Boutique)
  • Measures 6.7 x 8.7
  • Contemporary design fits with any decor
  • Material: wood
  • A perfect choice for wall decor, home decorations or office decorations, a great gift idea for your relatives and friends
  • Great piece to add any home decor
Gift Boutique Paris, London and Rome Wooden Wall Art Home Decor, Set of 3
Home (Gift Boutique)
  • Measures 6.7 x 8.7
  • Contemporary design fits with any decor
  • Material: wood
  • A perfect choice for wall decor, home decorations or office decorations, a great gift idea for your relatives and friends
  • Great piece to add any home decor
Kirkland Red and Gold Glitter Poinsettia Scroll Christmas Wire-Edged Ribbon 16B17
Home (Kirkland)
  • Wired Ribbon
  • Gold Poinsettia on Natural Burlap Style Red
  • 2.5 inches wide
  • 50 yards long
  • Holiday Bows

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