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Zuma Game online without download

December 29, 2018 – 01:54 pm

In Zuma games, you will shoot from a cannon into multi-colored balls moving in a chain along the screen in the direction of the exit point. The gun (in the deluxe version - this is the Frog) allows you to shoot balls of different colors. Chains of balls in the free game Zuma from three or more of the same color explode when they hit the ball of the same color, which allows you to slow down or stop the movement of the balls to the exit point. With the development of online entertainment you have the opportunity to play this wonderful game right in your browser, especially since its options have become very much. Play here mah-jong celtic online.

Some clones of the Zuma online game follow the classic rules, others introduce something new to the gameplay. We have placed on our website a rather interesting selection of various options for the free Zuma game, so you definitely won't be bored. All games collected on our site are bright, interesting, with beautiful graphics and it will be quite difficult for you to break away from the game process for a long time.

If you want to know where the free Zuma games came from and what the rules of these games are, then we will be happy to share this information with you. The idea and implementation of the game Zuma was invented by PopCap Games back in 2003. However, the basis for the Zuma game was taken as Ballistic, which appeared much earlier - in 1998 on the Playstation and GameBoy consoles.

Playing Zuma online is not at all difficult, you need to shoot with a special gun, the role of which was originally played by a frog, multi-colored balls in the direction of the chain of other balls that move along a specific path with a certain speed to the golden skull. If a ball of three or more balls of similar colors is created when a ball is fired and it falls into a group of balls of the same color, this group is destroyed and the movement of balls to the skull slows down.

To win the level in the free game Zuma, you need to have time to destroy all the balls, so that none of them have time to reach the goal. After the destruction of a group of balls, the chain of remaining ones tries to close at the point of rupture, which gives time to think out a strategy for further firing. However, for some time new balls continue to arrive on the field until the special indicator at the top of the screen turns completely green. Zuma Deluxe free for online.

In total, the classic version of the game Zuma online for free, called Zuma Deluxe, provides two types of games - with the passage of level by level or endless mode. In addition to all of the above, special bonus items are provided in Zuma Deluxe Online.

For example, a ball with an arrow helps a lot in delaying the loss time, since it rolls back the entire chain of balls a certain distance back. In addition to the ball with the arrow in the game, there is a bomb, by which the game is even more significant, since it explodes all the balls of any color within the radius of its action. Another useful item for a player who plays free games Zuma can be a pause ball, which, as its name suggests, stops the whole chain of balls for a short period of time, which can be successfully used. And one more type of balls, which can facilitate shooting, is a ball with a telescopic sight, which helps to precisely send it to the necessary place of the chain.

Like any other casual games, free games of the zoom account for the points gained by the player. Special gold coins, which appear randomly in different parts of the game screen, can help in their substantial addition. Of course, it’s not so easy to hit them with a ball, but if you are lucky enough to do this, then you will not only have additional points, but also reduce the time to complete the level, which will only play into your hands to simplify the Zuma game online for free. Note also that if a ball is loaded with a ball of a color that is not suitable for you, then the gun can be turned and fired into the void.

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