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February 25, 2018 – 06:44 am
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There is something easy and effortless about dealing with your best buddy. Together Erin and Kirsten work seamlessly creating breathtaking area after beautiful area. 5 years ago they began working together with consumers. Erin worked as a home decor seamstress for Kirsten's business, Kirsten Krason Interiors. Last year the duo started dealing with clients together and enjoyed it plenty they decided to begin home of Jade Interiors. Ecommerce is a desire for each of them. They love being creative and picking out initial and sophisticated styles for their clients. Together they both appreciate mixing stunning patterns and color infused with lots of white and clean outlines.

About Erin

To say Erin Morgan features an eye and passion for breathtaking things could be an understatement! She came to be to generate amazing interiors. After graduating with a bachelors degree from the University of Utah she joined Kirsten's business as her decor in your home seamstress. She usually assisted in selecting color systems and blending habits including ran her own successful sewing company. She worked with clients from all over the whole world. When it came time and energy to be Kirsten's company lover she had been over ready. She brings her great business good sense, this lady drive and motivation along with her power to believe outside of the box to accommodate of Jade Interiors. She has a tiny fixation with brass details and chinoissiere elements and she always knows how to make an area feel completely eclectic.


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