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Vintage Home Decor on a budget

6 Budget-Friendly Ways to Bring Vintage Flair to Your Home
August 8, 2015 – 11:54 am
Vintage Wells As Excerpt

{White paint and black knobs give them a whole new look}

2. Antiques don't need to be expensive

Having antique furniture or add-ons in your home is naturally another perfect solution to truly emphasize your love of classic. Although this can be costly, it doesn’t have to be. In Nancy and Luke’s cooking area, they will have a pantry cupboard (a birthday present from Nancy’s mother), a 1930s baker’s table (inherited from Nancy’s grandma), and a Hoosier-style case (an affordable buy at a flea marketplace).

The Hoosier pantry (which will be officially maybe not Hoosier brand, just another brand name built in equivalent design) is from the right period, but was in pretty rough-shape if they bought it (which is the reason why it wasn’t expensive). Therefore Luke and Nancy took sandpaper to the old paint and harsh spots, and did some minor carpentry to fix several bits of lumber that were rotten. After that a brand new coating of paint caused it to be all appear to be brand new.

This refinishing job wouldn’t really win them any points for expert furniture repair, but which wasn’t their particular objective. They just wished a classic cooking area piece that they could really utilize. So if your ultimate goal is a classic appearance coupled with usability, after that don’t bother about a lack of Do-it-yourself skill or a low spending plan. This once-junky Hoosier has become a sturdy, important, and attractive section of their kitchen.

{The before and after of the Hoosier cabinet}

3. Hardwood

If you’re lucky enough having hardwood flooring in your home, then allow them to shine. This home still had every one of its initial 1930s hardwood floors, but past proprietors had covered every room (like the family room and the stairs) with wall-to-wall carpeting. Pulling up the carpeting in every room wasn't a facile task (i am aware first-hand – I contributed to this project!) Nancy and Luke performedn’t like to pay to truly have the carpeting removed or perhaps the flooring redone, so that they went the entire Do-it-yourself course.

If looking on carpeting staples and sanding floors is not your thing, don’t feel bad about spending some other person to get it done if it's affordable. But while exposing the first hardwood had been a lengthy procedure and required plenty of elbow grease, it would not require some home renovating skill. Like we stated, we contributed to this task, and my earlier knowledge about carpet elimination and floor staining had been zero.

Even though your hardwood flooring aren’t old, the normal lumber lends itself to many classic designs, more so than wall-to-wall flooring. Also, with a tough flooring, after that you can make use of area rugs to create completely your unique vintage-inspired design – whether it’s an antique dining area carpet, or just a throw carpet in your favorite retro colors.

{The living room when they first moved in, and now the beautiful wood revealed!}

4. Oahu is the little things
Hardwood flooring and repainted furniture would be the big, attention-grabbing things that everyone else will observe initially. But don’t dismiss the power associated with the little things. Nancy took the woman Hoosier cupboard one-step more and added even more classic detail by means of classic spice jars as well as other vintage storage containers.

These specific spice jars had been a collection passed down from Luke’s grandma. But also modern cup containers would do the trick. Modern-day plastic containers of spices from food store don’t appearance classic, and so the detail of glass spice containers really add that extra classic flair.

{Old glass jars and a wooden recipe box replace modern plastic and add a vintage-inspired touch}

Another little information of vintage style is this collection of old wooden obstructs. Luke and Nancy have two kids, who naturally have actually their particular tablets, battery-powered cars, alongside contemporary toys like every kid. But blocks never go out of style, so this old pair of alphabet blocks (through the 1970s, I think) is a great inclusion to any or all the present day toys.

{Vintage touches for the kids, too!}

5. Out with the old flooring, in with all the brand new
This new kitchen floor is probably the highest priced thing in these examples – but nevertheless, it's not as pricey as it can certainly look. Since Luke and Nancy wanted to replicate a 1930s look, they pulled within the 1980s laminate flooring (that has been peeling and damaged and would need replacing shortly anyhow).

They bought squares of black colored laminate and white laminate, and glued them down in a design that could stimulate the image and era they wanted. Aided by the white cupboards and black colored hardware, the new floor actually introduced your whole space collectively into an eye-grabbing vintage-looking treat.

Naturally you can observe they still have all their modern-day appliances (although a performance 1930s or 40s gasoline kitchen stove is on Nancy’s desire list). So when much because they love vintage, they don’t need gone their microwave, or trade out their particular refrigerator for a real refrigerator.

But utilizing the cupboards, free-standing home pieces, as well as the flooring, the classic appearance is certainly indeed there, and seen by friends and friends alike.

{Sorry, no “before” picture of the old kitchen floor. But trust me, this current look is a lot nicer!}

6. No classic shopping close by? Not a problem!

Remember how I talked about the brass knobs regarding the cooking area cupboards that they painted black? Well, it is certainly possible to get black knobs and save the problem of painting all of them. But Luke and Nancy got those brass knobs at no cost, from a pal who was remodeling their particular kitchen and getting eliminate the old equipment. Therefore rather than purchasing closet knobs, they happily accepted the free gift along with at it because of the paint.

Flea markets, antique malls, and vintage shops tend to be needless to say the perfect location to shop, especially if you’re looking for anything certain. But there are so many other choices if traditional stores tend to be out of your spending plan or too far away.

Thrift shops and lawn sales are superb for vintage – or vintage-inspired – shopping. And of course there are countless online shops for antiques, classic things, and retro-flavored everything. And don’t disregard freebies and curb-side discards, like in which Luke and Nancy got their cabinet knobs.

Numerous communities have web trading posts or swap sites (like Craigslist, Freecycle, or other people). Use your imagination to adjust contemporary products or somebody else’s “old junk” into breathtaking vintage decoration for your house.

{Luke and Nancy were blessed to buy an old home that still had all of its original glass doorknobs and lock mechanisms on every door. But Nancy has said that if the home had had modern doorknobs, she would have gotten old glass ones for the doors.}
{Another small vintage touch – old collector’s spoons, hung on display in a corner of the kitchen.}
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