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Tips for Selecting a Birthday Party Décor Theme for Your Kid

February 9, 2022 – 01:56 am
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Figuring out the theme for your kids’ birthday is probably the most challenging part when trying to organize a great and memorable party. That is because everything else is centred around the theme. From the attire, the games, and the decoration too. A good theme will make the event lively and everybody will end up having an amazing experience. Now, to help you with the decision making, here are a few tips that will ensure you make informed decisions, if followed to the latter.

What the kid loves

First, keep in mind that it is your kid’s birthday. Everything you do should be about them. Make a list of the things the child enjoys doing. Think about his favourite cartoon characters, meals, outdoor activities, among other things. Generally, his/her personality and interests should be the key areas to look into. When the theme revolves around these areas you can be sure the child will have a great time. At no point during the party will the kid get bored because everywhere they turn there would be something they love. Add their friends into the picture, and your child will be the happiest human being on their special day.


The location for the party matters a lot since it is closely tied to the theme. For instance, if your theme involves outdoor activities you will need enough outdoor space where the kids and other guests can move around freely without any limitations. Depending on the number of people you expect, you can rent a tent and put it up on your backyard. The latter works well with children below 4 years who may want to be around a familiar environment.


From a very early age, parents can tell the type of careers their kids are interested in. Therefore, what better way to help manifest the specific career than having a birthday party theme that is designed with the specific field of profession in mind. Be it science, medicine, beauty, art, or even hospitality.


Lastly, be sure to ask for help from different individuals. First on the list must be your child. After all the event is in their honour. Consider everything he/she has to say regarding the party arrangement. From their ideal colour schemes, to favourite flowers, patterns, et al. You will be surprised at how creative kids can get. This makes your work and planning easier because you will know exactly what to work with.

Next you could call up the parents of the other kids who will be attending the party to find out if any of the kids has a special condition. Some of the parents could offer invaluable solutions to various pressing situations. Your last call should be to a professional events planner in the Cape Town area. Somebody who has the knowledge and experience of organizing memorable birthday parties for kids. They will guide you in the right direction as far as planning and paying attention to detail goes. Good thing is that majority of party planning specialists offer free consultation services. Ideally, you could just hire one at an affordable rate and let them handle most of the leg work. After all, they are more qualified and skilled at the job.

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