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Interior Design for kitchen and dining

Interior Design Q&A: Colors for Open Kitchen, Dining Room
September 14, 2021 – 11:31 pm
Modern Apartment Interior
just how in the event you enhance a house with an open kitchen/dining room design?


What color do I need to paint my cooking area and living area? There's absolutely no break-off point, thus I need to decorate both. I've Pergo flooring in a wheat shade and a green speckled countertop with a rather little, thin cooking area. I was examining beige or a color called Tabu – a light green. I’ve hung a black chandelier over an oak dining table.


From everything have explained, your concept of making use of beige or light-green sounds reasonable. A lighter shade within kitchen area may help the kitchen appear bigger. To make a narrow space look much more proportioned, you might start thinking about painting an accent wall surface. As an example, use a darker shade on straight back wall surface of this kitchen area or dining room. This would help deliver the wall to the area which help generate a focal point. Guarantee this “accent” wall is one you'd wish the attention is attracted to (put your preferred artwork or furnitures from this wall). To find out more contact Tuckey Restoration at 717-249-7052 or e-mail


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