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Simply Elegant House at the Lake Interior Design Concept by Igor Sirotev – Photo Gallery
March 5, 2016 – 03:54 pm
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Occasionally things are just too good to be real which’s exactly the scenario we face using this gorgeous design by Ukranian Architect, Igor Sirotev.Just Elegant House within Lake interior planning Concept by Igor Sirotev This elegant monochrome home design is a visualization of a notion for the room within a small house at a lake. The just elegant environment achieves an inspiringly modern-day however minimalistic structure of natural designs and materials.

Sirotev states he conceived this as a little lodge for himself as somewhere in which he'd choose to work. He embodied their eyesight in 3D reality most abundant in crucial factor being the landscape of the location. He's been motivated to live this kind of a location by a lake in which at any point of positioning from the house, a smooth view of this liquid area opens up just before.

Influenced by the clean outlines and uniform aspects of Japanese Architecture, particularly the creativity of Todao Ando, the home during the Lake design concept closely weaves design therefore the environment using a comparison of forms and products. Concrete, stone and wood all effortlessly blend to produce a structured symphony of qualities that comparison the tangible neutrality with this contemporary design.

Just Elegant home at Lake interior planning Concept by Igor Sirotev Simply Elegant House at the Lake interior planning Concept by Igor Sirotev Simply Elegant House in the Lake interior decorating Concept by Igor Sirotev Merely Elegant home on Lake interior planning Concept by Igor Sirotev
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