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Mediterranean Home Interior Design

Tips for Mediterranean decor from HGTV
May 9, 2020 – 01:48 am

This style started in nations north associated with Mediterranean Sea, including Spain, Greece and Italy, and it is frequently known these days as "Spanish modern." Mediterranean-style furnishings ranges from merely functional to extremely formal. Pieces are brief, with ornately switched legs and foot; hardware is hefty and frequently burnished. Walls tend to be predominantly textured. A bullnose side is a very common design detail on countertops and fireplace mantels. Discover the way the style reduces:

Colors: Mediterranean colors echo those regarding the ocean and sky and, according to the area, may also integrate warm terra cotta, lavender and yellowish.

Tile: Mosaic tile designs embody the good thing about a Mediterranean inside. Bring the designs into the home on the floor or a kitchen backsplash or on one thing you'll just take to you in the event that you move, like a mirror framework or a tabletop. You could simulate the look of tile with a stenciled mosaic border on flooring, wall space or furnishings.

Accessories: Burnished bronze urns, filigree light accessories and a wrought-iron fireplace screen exemplify a Mediterranean look with a Moroccan impact.

Texture: Layers of paint and glaze tend to be hand-rubbed onto plaster or sand-textured walls to include visual level. Simulate the look of a plaster wall surface with a textured finish using tinted drywall substance and coloured beeswax.


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