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May 25, 2020 – 01:54 am
Marvelous Home Interiors
Sarah Frost

Area lovers acting as a team…

16 many years before we printed the name Studio HOME on our company cards in 2008 we knew it had been that which we desired to do. We’re a dimensional staff of room enthusiasts with a knack for finding a compromise between kind and function. Like a marriage of art and function. Creating atmospheres that spark conversation, sooth and solidify the room you call residence.

We work as a team, managing everyone’s skills and steering clear of formulaic design.

lead fashion designer

Aaron Dolan is co-owner of Studio Residence, Inc. Aaron graduated through the University of Missouri, Columbia majoring in Architectural Studies with an emphasis in Interior Design.

“For fifteen many years I'd the privilege to focus beside very imaginative and capable people who trained myself from the surface up. I will be grateful when it comes to experience along side an official knowledge in design.

The fantastic jump for Jon Trigg and myself was to establish our own company and lastly put to use all knowledge we had obtained. In 2008, Studio Home was created. Our objective would be to create and shape areas being favorable to your client’s well-being. Retreats, tailored to our client’s taste, domestic and commercial.

We vary wildly: exemplary customized framing, a retail space that provides our clients a feeling of our abilities, unique items of art for fall in client, to completely designing a residence or company inside. We are going to also source art for the consumers. Because the old adage says, ‘be careful everything you want, you might get it’, features happened. Therefore We welcome you to our Studio Home and kindly feel yourself.”

Jon Trigg is co-owner of Studio Home, Inc. Jon learned design before pursuing a Masters of artwork from University of Missouri.

studio_home-11-edit“I’ve constantly liked homes and rooms. I began working in building trades and building whenever I ended up being younger. I love using a current area and which makes it much more practical. We get the problem-solving part of design worthwhile. My appreciation for art surpasses compared to architecture. For decades, I worked as a studio singer with the best medium, clay.

I nonetheless generate art, though nearly in the same way, through framing the task of other people and hunting for cast off interior objects to resuscitate. Actually, throughout my functions at Studio Home, I Merely present things in an alternative way, out of their original location, problem resolving for an angle to offer an area, art, or object new lease of life.”


“I’ve been a tremendously artistic individual. As a young child, I was attracted to shade and texture. I'd a knack for recognizing a space’s beauty and potential. That most likely explains my childhood imagine buying and fixing up the run-down houses in older neighborhoods of my home town.

I like that interior decorating blends shade, texture and our sensory faculties. There is certainly a psychology and research behind finding a sensible residence that my artistic personality and training in home design permits me to realize. I like utilizing that understanding to produce a happy and cohesive room for others.

I understand that decorating a house is a very emotional knowledge. That’s the reason why most of us at Studio Residence progress interactions with our clients that enable united states to identify together and develop a sense of trust. My main goal is then to simply help learn how to display our client’s style and character within their home.”

fashion designer, custom framer

Tim Lehmann joined up with we in May 2012. Tim studied Architectural scientific studies at University of Missouri and graduated with an emphasis in Interior Design.

“When I had been younger, dad i'd like to have free range over decorating his household. Together we decided to go to auctions and chosen pieces for our home. In twelfth grade, I also began customized framing and ended up being responsible for enhancing all my school’s dances. It absolutely was around then that We discovered that interior decorating ended up being something that was constantly to my mind. When I strolled into a room, i discovered myself immediately considering steps to make it much better plus aesthetically appealing.

I help with a variety of tasks at Studio Home. We operate and level the showroom alongside Jon and Aaron. We assist with client deliveries and installments. I also fill a number of our customized framing purchases both for consumers and walk-ins. Last but not least, towards the end of an inside design task, we assist accessorize a client’s home. Everyone Loves that each day at Studio Residence is different and brings a unique challenge.”

task supervisor

Chris Gilland joined our team January 2014. Chris features held a variety of various professions from employed in the precious jewelry business to handling a Walmart and Sam’s Club.

“As project manager, I handle the warehouse and the company operations of Studio Home. I do anything from ordering and tracking products and items for customers, to inspecting deliveries and scheduling and helping with installations. I also arrange for the money for repair works or maintenance work if needed. Regarding the company part, we assist log requests and communicate with sellers.

I like that my task permits me to connect to clients and obtain out into the neighborhood. In addition take pleasure in the obligation of accepting jobs from starting to end. Witnessing a project bond and a customer delighted is often therefore gratifying.”

administrative assistant

“Being Studio Home’s Administrative Assistant, i truly get to hone in back at my arranging and planning skills. I've a huge history into the hospitality industry including interning in the Isle of Capri Casino to working at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Although my best abilities tend to be matching and handling events, I found that these skills quickly transmitted to the look business.

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