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July 12, 2015 – 07:26 am
Home Interior Design Catalogs

kathryn.pngKathryn Earle


Kathryn worked with an array of styles ranging from traditional to contemporary, transitional to eclectic, simple to colorful, and every thing between. She loves to blend designs and styles for a great and interesting combination. Each client’s needs are carefully regarded as ensure the most cohesive and comfortable space. She feels every home should-be a reflection associated with client, where they’ve been, and where they’re going. As a mother and pet lover, she knows how exactly to have an advanced yet user-friendly house for the entire family.

She's got 8 several years of experience with interior planning and loves the challenge of an innovative new project. Kathryn will likely be pleased to assist transform your area into an appropriate, practical, and aesthetically pleasing location to be.

Jim Chappelow

Jim ChappelowJim’s entire life has-been an innovative journey. After years as a professional contemporary performer, he required a part-time job to aid settle the debts and started a furniture/design profession at Storehouse Furniture in Atlanta, GA. In addition, Jim was also hectic directing and making the Atlanta Gay and Lesbian Arts Festival, which he founded. After several years, he discovered their human anatomy had been just starting to resent each one of these needs and relocated to Austin. He became the no. 1 sales person at Storehouse Furniture in Austin before joining the LOFT Residence team in the past. With almost two decades into the furniture company, Jim enjoys utilizing his innovative gift suggestions in interior planning and really loves making consumers laugh. Using the services of Jim is never lifeless!

Source: www.lofthome.com

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