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October 2, 2023 – 02:30 pm
Home Decorators Collection

Ranked 5.0 from 5.0 by Ken Great item!!! This can be a great way to substitute your floors. I'd some in perfections, spaces, and slightly un-level locations into the old floor coverings. I became well-impressed how good this hefty and dense flooring covered the bad places and you can not also see or feel the bad places. Some of the floor coverings has been in for a-year today and never showing any use at all. We are still setting up this inside our bathrooms. May have set up over 1000 sq. ft. whenever done. May 17, 2016

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 by dapriest Easy to install, appears great! I have bought and setup 850 sqft of the item in the last two months. I changed a defective laminate floor that I'd set up during my living area, guest bathroom and master suite. Whilst laminate was put in correctly, throughout the last 4 years I'd noticed that the seams where the planks fit together were just starting to explode, even though great treatment was in fact taken while mopping and washing the floor. Next negative experience, i needed to install a product that could never be afflicted with moisture. A friend advised that I have a look at vinyl plank floor coverings, and I made a decision to go with the product. I installed many laminate flooring over the years, thus I'm really knowledgeable about the installation procedure. Although this product's set up is extremely similar, it is easier to construct. You can easily positively see and feel as each piece locks set up. As other reviewers have actually mentioned, placing initial few rows together and maintaining them straight calls for some extra energy, as the item is versatile, but once several rows are in place it's simple maintain it in position. I used a miter saw to cut pieces; i discovered it easier than working with a knife and straight edge. The flexibility associated with product really helped to simplify the installation in tight areas. Everything fit collectively by hand... you won't need to hammer or else force pieces into spot. The finished item is smooth and smooth, and appears great. People to my home have experienced a hard time believing this is vinyl plank floors. I have not experienced any scrapes or harm from going furnishings, and I also've discovered it quite easy to clean and ensure that it it is searching fresh. The merchandise has actually a matte finish look, which does not show traffic or dust like a glossy surface. We have pets, while the old floor was bad about showing paw images. We usually stroll barefooted in our house, in addition to experience regarding the floor is pleasant rather than smooth such as the laminate flooring it replaced. We vacuum on a regular basis, and wet mop it as essential. I have recommended the product to numerous people, and in relation to the look of my set up, about 2 homes have previously set up this flooring (although in a new design.) I'm extremely pleased utilizing the item and I also'm at this time considering changing just one more laminate floor with this item. I recommend it without doubt! August 16, 2015

Rated 5.0 away from 5.0 by Mannd very easy to install. Appears hot and realistic I purchased the product after trying and going back an allure ceramique item. I applied different methods to install the interlocking edges until I created one which struggled to obtain me. Practicing upfront made laying a floor go much quicker. Although i purchased a Dremel to greatly help install the flooring, I didn't need certainly to use it. Simply utilized a razor and straight-edge for all slices. I was capable finish a 15x18 cooking area in about 5 hours. The top features a good texture and my dogs are not sliding on it. I also love that it is waterproof. We concur that the guy which penned the bad analysis about gluing the item down needs to be perplexed. This product is within stock at shop. None of containers or planks had been damaged. Minimal waste also. I might sooner or later extend this into my family room. December 29, 2014

Rated 5.0 off 5.0 by Pvhudson Wow even we installed this also it was effortless!!! my better half and nephew put in this within our hall. I adore it plenty, I made the decision to accomplish the visitor bathroom. Wow it was so easy!!! I did so it all on my own except the very last piece which my better half performed because it had been a tremendously thin slice. We like it and are today placing it inside our master bathroom and closet. Additionally just and that means you understand, the shoe molding can be bought at Lowes which is currently stained and fits perfect!!! May do our kitchen area after that!!! February 13, 2015

Rated 4.0 out of 5.0 by CoachB well-crafted Flooring The floor coverings ended up being hard to meet up in a cool cellar. With some temperature from a heat firearm it absolutely was much easier to obtain the sides to match collectively. This was an internet buy and several of this sides had been damaged in delivery. March 8, 2016

Ranked 4.0 off 5.0 by DirtyDingyCarpet Super Purchase, Looks Great, Easy to Install The DIY man below needs ask some concerns very first, no glue required. This floor conserved myself about $500 in installation price that I happened to be quoted for a tile floor. It absolutely was fast to install after finding out the mouse click and break method and setting up the planks from remaining to right. When you get the 1st and 2nd line in, the floor stops sliding therefore the install becomes easier. We invested $318 the floor, easily moved with tile, it might have been in existence $800 for material and installation. Most useful guidance I'm able to offer is read the instructions very first, simply take a few planks, and training placing various rows collectively first, to see how they fit together. When you master the fit, it goes genuine fast and appears fantastic. We liked the fact that you can have the whole grain, makes the floor appear much more real. Tools - razor blade, square, T-Bevel (trace out direction slices), tape measure and snips when it comes to complex cuts January 15, 2015

Rated 5.0 off 5.0 by LC79 Perfect for my cellar the product is excellent. We tried it within basement over present linoleum. It really is looks great! It will make a little slapping sound whenever you walk-on it but we don't mind. The seams don't click inside as you expected but if we got the hang from it, it was effortless. You cannot also understand seams! March 1, 2016

Rated 2.0 out of 5.0 by benji unhappy with product After 6 weeks of finishing the ground, you will find several places where the planks are separating for no evident explanation. We installed it ourselves making sure that each piece interlocked. I actually do not recommend the product. January 5, 2016

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