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Home Decorators Collection White 2-1/2 in
August 30, 2021 – 11:20 pm
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Ranked 4.0 out-of 5.0 by Frank Good item The set up is easy except the screws are hard to drive in. We turned into various screws. The standard is good. September 8, 2016

Ranked 5.0 off 5.0 by chris best Great finish and stands up awesome! There's a cheaper style but these tend to be better. September 7, 2016

Ranked 5.0 from 5.0 by gshoop Great affordable blinds We have an adult type of these blinds within bedroom and after several years it is still working great. After a renovation we changed some old steel blinds by using these blinds. They truly are inexpensive, easy to install, work great, and look nice. December 31, 2015

Ranked 1.0 out-of 5.0 by Heather The rod inside blind brakes and it is perhaps not under warenty! Whenever you pull the cord to open and shut the blinds it converts a rod inside the blind. This rod brake system after about a-year useful. We now have must replace 2 sets of blinds, and home depot customer service cannot help us since this certain part is not under warranty. Whenever we understood the blinds would cost much to maintain, we'd have spent the funds in advance for an increased high quality blind instead of being forced to keep changing them. September 1, 2015

Rated 5.0 regarding 5.0 by TH Excellent These blinds look wonderful within our new house. It just helps make the whole room bond. Somewhat pricey but worth the financial investment!!! April 19, 2016

Ranked 5.0 regarding 5.0 by Terry Adorable blind ! Very good quality and simple to install. Both me and my partner like it ! April 26, 2016

Rated 1.0 off 5.0 by Seth Not happy utilizing the product We got these blinds with variation in sizes for the new home and got house depot installation too. The board which takes care of the rails tend to be non adjustable and fixed which will keep 1 - 2 cm gap between your top side of the screen therefore the board. It does not look great and attracts everyones attention once they head into your house. We might return this for complete refund. February 27, 2016

Ranked 5.0 out-of 5.0 by 1MrsMimo3 PREFER my brand new blinds! Loving these brand-new blinds in my own family area! They look great, are great quality & had been easy to post. January 31, 2015

Source: www.homedepot.com
Home Decorators Collection Cut to Width Horizontal White Faux Wood Blinds Size 35" W x 64" L
Home (Home Decorators Collection)
  • Actual Blind Width is 34.5 in.
  • Fits windows: 35 in. wide
  • Pre-cut by 1/2 in. to accommodate for the mounting brackets and hardware (a 1/4 in. on either side of the blind) to fit inside a window frame measuring the width...
  • 2-1/2 in. matching valance
  • Embossed slats have a woodgrain appearance

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