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30+ Devilishly Fun DIY Halloween Decorating Projects
March 19, 2018 – 08:21 am
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Create a creepy graveyard gate out of a steel garden arbor flanked by foam-kickboard gravestones. A DIY friendly ghost plus a skulking store-bought skeleton pet ($29.99;, skeleton hands (from $4.95; ) and plastic bats ($7.99 for 28; ) complete the scene.


1. Sketch lower portion of ghost body onto white foam-core (it ought to be about 2' to 3' high); cut right out with utility knife.

2. On back of foam-core, place 2 skewers as base of arms; duct-tape in place. Duct-tape loop of monofilament at top for holding.

3. To produce head, place 4" foam ball in polyester batting until about 6" in diameter; protected with hot glue. Pierce basketball with 3 skewers to produce tripod, then poke other end of skewers into top of foam-core human anatomy; safe with hot glue.

4. Wrap more batting around foam-core human anatomy and skewers. To put on set up, softly put with monofilament. Then, put batting around neck skewers to fill in ghost's human body. Keep adding and fluffing batting until it seems complete.

5. Cut eyes, eyebrows and mouth from black felt; attach with hot glue.


1. Push end of paintbrush into front of 15" foam disk generate various-size craters.

2. Mix together ½ cup light orange acrylic art paint and ¼ glass flour. Include water or even more flour for a paste-like consistency.

3. Scatter flour/paint blend over surface and edges of disk, covering (yet not filling) craters; let dried out.

4. Link monofilament to thumbtack and push into back for hanging.


1. Lay top-piece of a 7' x 4' metal yard arch (from $22; ) together with 40" x 60" piece of black colored foam-core. Utilize ruler to measure 5" above and 5" below arbor arch, marking foam-core with a pencil every couple of ins to reproduce arch form. (To check dimensions, location 6" wooden craft letters to spell CEMETERY on foam-core arch.) Connect scars, after that cut fully out arch with energy blade; smooth ragged sides with sandpaper.

2. Apply purple spray paint to foam-core arch and rock squirt paint to letters; allow dried out. Hot-glue letters in position on arch.

3. Duct-tape straight back of foam-core to material arch in a number of locations to keep it safe, after that assemble rest of arch.


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