Homemade Christmas decorations Ideas | Interior design

Homemade Christmas decorations Ideas

DIY Christmas Decor Ideas
December 14, 2017 – 11:50 pm
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diy decor - ball garlandBy Jennifer Lutz | 92 Shares

DIY projects are very fulfilling tasks to take on. Not only do you get the satisfaction of accomplishing something, but you save a good part of your holiday budget, allowing you to allot it to your other holiday needs. When you start a DIY project, you also get to bond with your family when you enlist their help. Get the holiday look you want without having to spend a fortune by checking out these lovely Christmas projects you can quickly accomplish on your own.

DIY Holiday Lanterns

Sparkly Paper Lanterns

Sparkly paper lanterns add glitz and glamor to your Christmas decor without the hefty price tag or even the sweat. Just coat a store-bought paper lantern with glue, and sprinkle silver or gold glitter until the lantern is fully covered. To avoid making a mess out of all the glitter, lay used newspaper on your work space. Hang the lanterns on your doorway or above tables to make holiday gatherings extra festive. Visit the Two Delighted blog for a detailed tutorial on this sparkly lantern DIY project.

Fun, Fancy, Easy-To-Make Garlands

Elegant Ornament Garland

Photos from Jen LutzOrnament garlands can be pricey, so why not make something with what you have on hand? Put your old Christmas balls and ribbons to good use by turning them into an elegant garland.

String old ornaments through the ribbon one at a time. Create a random pattern with a variety of ornament sizes and textures for added visual interest. Hang the garland above your mantel, on the door or a bed post, or by the window.

Bowtie Garland

Macaroni crafts scream kid-friendly, making this project perfect if you want your children to help you make Christmas decor! This alternative DIY garland from the Gold Jellybean allows you to use things that may already be available in your home, such as glue and glitter, which my kids will definitely love working with. Simply coat the pasta with glue, sprinkle glitter on it, and tie a yarn or string around it.

This cute garland can be used to decorate your kids’ bed posts or even as festive kitchen decor. It’s also perfect as a finishing touch for your Christmas tree or as an ornament for your wreath, swag, or centerpiece.

Gilded Pine Cone Garland

Recycle some old pine cones by painting them anew! Spray them with a shimmering gold spray paint, then tie them along a string to create a garland. Hang the garland on your door, window, or staircase for an elegant touch. In my case, I used gold leafing, which is more time-consuming but really pretty.

Aside from making pine cones into a garland, they can also be used as table centerpieces when placed in clear bowls or hurricane glasses.

Mini Christmas Trees

Miniature Winter Wonderland Christmas Tree

Infuse a winter wonderland feel into any room of your home with a mini, snowy Christmas tree. For this project, all you need are cheap bottle brush trees, mason jars, hot glue, and some salt.

To make, simply glue the miniature trees to the underside of the jar lid and sprinkle some salt over it for a frosty touch. You can also include a miniature Santa or a reindeer for a more Christmas-y theme. Wrap a fancy ribbon around the mason jar to make it even more adorable. Visit the Put it in a Jar blog to see a heartwarming finished product.

For a more creative holiday season, get crafty and decorate your home with these budget-friendly DIY Christmas decor projects. You can even spread the cheer by giving your creations to family and friends!

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