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How to Use Wine Corks: Crafts, Home Décor Projects, Garden Ideas, and More
February 1, 2023 – 10:30 am
Skateboard shelf

There are numerous crafts and a few ideas for the wine corks from wall surface décor to home tools to garden add-ons. Regardless of what kind of crafty abilities you have, there will be something right here for all.

Strategies for acquiring wine corks

Many people that contemplating wine cork jobs have now been preserving their particular corks for many years as they are burning up to begin recycling all of them in brand-new means. Other folks have caught your wine cork bug and therefore are starting to gather corks. Unless you have a cork collection going, here are a few tips for acquiring corks.

  • Ask friends and family. Even although you drink wine on a regular basis, it will take quite a few years to obtain enough corks to help make most tasks here. Family and friends can play a role in your collection.
  • Ask local restaurants and bars. Any restaurant that acts wine undergoes an abundance of containers almost every week-end. Numerous people who make wine cork jobs regularly experienced success asking locations to truly save for them.
  • Seek out deals on the web. Check always e-bay, Amazon, CraigsList, and FreeCycle for wine cork directories. If Craigslist and FreeCycle lack listings up now, put in your own personal demand.

Are you experiencing various other methods for getting corks? Keep them inside feedback area at the end of this short article!

Monogram Letter

I included this idea another craft article, but I experienced to say it here besides. There are wood and chipboard letters offered by most art stores in a multitude of sizes. Any kind of general craft glue, such a glue weapon, or tacky glue, will be able to work really for attaching your corks into the page. Pick a primary letter initial for a kid's area or make use of your final letter preliminary for a general interior decor piece.

Craft Stamps

The tutorials here detail two different types of cork stamps. The first involves carving the termination of the cork in to the form of the stamp. The second requires just gluing a piece of foam within the stamp shape on the end for the cork. It really is totally your responsibility which choice you would like to use. Be daring and experiment with both.

Coasters and Trivets

Nearly every wine cork coaster and trivets tutorial are transformed from 1 to the other. You need to reduce your corks by 50 percent evenly and then make certain that the edges are smoothed away so that your pots, pans, and cups will remain level. And making great accessories for your own home, this will be a delightful present choice for a marriage or housewarming.

Bulletin Boards, Wall Showcases, Frames

Numerous photo structures is useful for creating a decorated frame, bulletin board, or other wall surface screen. If you find a moment hand frame that isn't in great shape, sand and refinish it or give it a coat of paint before you decide to prepare to add your corks. Additionally several possibilities for attaching your corks. Just glue the corks the good way close collectively or turn all of them on the sides and arrange all of them in a pattern. If corks are way too tall for the chosen framework (particularly if you are gluing the long way), simply slashed them in half.

Bath Mats and Shoe Mats

When I began looking into this hub and considering sub-topics, we never ever imagined that mats is on here, specially bath mats. This simply would go to show as possible recycle any such thing into almost anything else if have patience, creativity, and determination. If you like the look of bamboo bathtub mats and need a project you could make yourself, this will be a fantastic alternative. Some tutorials involve making use of a non-adhesive shelf lining, like the Duck or Plast-O-Mat brands, so the mat stays in position on the ground while some involve completing a shadow box with corks.

Outdoors, Plants, and Vases

Probably one of the most well-known cork garden some ideas that i came across is using corks with bamboo skewers to produce plant markers. A few men and women suggest using a fine Sharpie marker to label your corks. There are also some good options available to you for cork planters and vase fillers.

Precious jewelry, Add-ons, and Jewellery Displays

I did discover several photographs of great wine cork jewellery, but I didn't get a hold of a lot of tutorials. I've included the thing I performed discover here. Do not let this limited amount of information stop you against thinking up your own special jewellery. You will find loads of possibilities. The cork board displays for jewelry tend to be fairly like the various other wall surface shows that i have showcased in this specific article except they include some additional pins or hooks for holding the jewellery.


We have never ever made my very own wreath before and cannot believe what amount of ideas you can find available to you for wreaths with anything from yarn to material to corks. (I have researched many awesome wreaths now that i shall need to make one sooner or later.) A number of tutorials utilize glue for corks, but I like the very first tutorial that we connected that suggests toothpicks. If you don't have lots of determination and lots of glue, toothpicks are going to be a lot easier. Cork wreaths look great without the extra information, but you can modify all of them for almost any period or vacation, also.

Entertaining: Serving Trays, Wine Charms, Other Kitchen Add-ons and Ideas

This sub-topic has been a whole article it self. Wow everybody else at your following dinner party or at your wedding with your home made wine cork serving trays, wine charms (just what might be much more fitting, right?), spot card holders, container stoppers, and much more.


Even in the event young ones cannot take in wine, they can nonetheless enter regarding enjoyable of recycling old wine corks. Transform corks into ships that actually float, men and women, pets, and many other things.

Various other Home Décor and Accessories

Because difficult as I attempted to categorize everything, there have been however added random home décor and accessory tips that don't fit in anywhere else. This can include pens, bulletin board push pins, Christmas time tree ornaments, table/dresser tops, and drawer and cupboard pulls. Pulls tend to be a neat alternative if you've just moved into a brand new (or old) house without cupboard handles or you're refinishing a classic dresser or desk.


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