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Home Interiors Candle Fundraisers are now known as LaTeeDa Fundraising
April 24, 2017 – 07:30 am
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In 2015 the business you know as Home Interiors, Celebrating Residence, and Residence & Garden celebration sealed as an event program business. Our fundraising division remains available as LaTeeDa Fundraising and fundraising programs to help businesses raise cash. See our website at to find out more.

Are you searching for Home Indoor Candles? You found united states! In 2008, Home Interiors became part of Celebrating Residence. Later on, in 2015, Celebrating Residence restructured and is now-known as LaTeeDa Fundraising.
Is a candle fundraising system still readily available?

Yes! Two fundraising leaflets are for sale to the Spring and fall 2016 months providing multiple candles, aroma beads, wax melts, and more. For all the system details and see our brochures visit our candle fundraising ideas page.

If I do not want to complete a fundraiser may I simply spot a candle purchase?

Yes! The candle lights in our fundraising line are around for someone purchase. Please view the pamphlet and give us a call at 860-384-3691 to position an order. No less than 5 products is required.

May I order a catalog?

No. Catalogs for Home Interiors are not any longer produced.

May I reserve a house Party?

No. Although our fundraising system continues to be offered, residence functions are no much longer provided.

Am I able to register with be a property party representative?

No. Home Interiors, as a business, shut and replacements are not any much longer readily available.

I have Residence Indoor items that were bought years back. Can you tell me just what their price is?

No. No pricing information is on any product which was offered as Residence Interiors or Celebrating Home.


Home & Garden Celebration

Home & Garden Party had been founded in 1996 by Penny and Steve Carlile, whoever objective would be to produce a company where females could obtain the “American Dream” by taking families and pals collectively through their entertaining and decorating add-ons. Headquartered in Marshall, Tx, Residence & outdoors celebration enabled countless females over the United States to earn extra money, enjoy making pals while working from home as Home & outdoors Party developers.

Home Interiors & Gifts

Mary Crowley founded Home Interiors & Gifts in 1957 in Dallas, Tx. Her fantasy was to provide a vocation opportunity for ladies that will improve their everyday lives through decorating the domiciles and everyday lives of others. She made this lady dream come true by building a little hostess-plan home accessory range into the largest direct seller of home decorative accessories in america, with more than 100, 000 designing Consultants in America. The fundraising program became part of Celebrating Residence in 2008.

Celebrating Residence

In 2008, Penny and Steve Carlile obtained Residence Interiors & Gifts. They established Celebrating Residence in early 2009 – mixing “the most useful of the greatest” to generate ideal fundraising program readily available. Subsequently, our candle and fragrance fundraising programs have actually continued to expand and grow. We introduced services such as for instance our Aroma Beads, Wax Melts, new jar designs, etc and now offer no-cost pack-by-seller!

In 2015, our fundraising unit ended up being rebranded LaTeeDa and we are helping organizations for the continental US to improve cash for organizations. Call us and then we'll be pleased to give you a free of charge information packet or leaflets to get going right away. Although we not any longer provide an event plan opportunity, the candles you've enjoyed for many years as Residence Interiors and Celebrating Residence are offered through our fundraising line.

Celebrating Residence, had been our nation’s largest party-plan residence décor company.

Celebrating Home was constructed on the inspiration of two industry icons, Home & outdoors celebration and Residence Interiors & Gifts.

The provided foundational values between both of these organizations was extraordinary and made the coming collectively an all natural integration.

As if you, we shared a desire for the home. We thought that the house could be the center of the household therefore the lady could be the center of the property. As soon as we assisted one woman alter the woman life, we changed property when we changed property, we changed a family group; once we changed a family group, we changed a residential district when we changed a residential area, we changed the world…one lady at the same time.

The effectiveness of Celebrating Residence lied in our Designers…high-energy, talented ladies dedicated to supplying people from all walks of life, answers to each of their designing and entertaining needs.

Nevertheless the most sensible thing about Celebrating Home had been the amazing earnings possibility we supplied to a huge number of households around the nation. Celebrating Residence provided a breeding ground for ladies to earn extra income, have a great time and get the recognition they deserved.

Source: www.homepartyopportunities.com
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