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How to encourage a male dog to mate

November 11, 2018 – 11:15 am

Producing the wonder of life can often be an uphill struggle when you're handling animals. Making sure that the breeding in between two animals goes properly is a long process, one that involves knowing whether the male can successfully permeate the female, offered their sizes. But perhaps the hardest part of getting a male dog to mate with a female is simply attracting him to do so. However, you can encourage your dog to mate by utilizing a couple of suggestions that dog breeders have used successfully in the past.

Keep the dog from eating the day he will mate. When a dog has a full stomach, he might not feel up to the job of breeding.

Muzzle the female dog to keep her from biting or snapping at the male dog. Assure the female by talking carefully and petting her if she gets anxious. The male dog will be more inclined to install her knowing that he will not be hurt while doing so. (read more about Female Dog in Heat Bleed here.)

Allow the dogs a long time to get to know each other. When the male dog's tail begins to shake, he will probably be aroused.

Offer the dogs some personal privacy. Place them in a garage, shed or basement and let them feel like they are alone. You can still monitor things to make certain that the dogs know what they're doing, but enjoy as far from them as possible.

Exercise patience with the male dog. Let him try it his way first, however if he stops working to penetrate the female, you may require to help. For example, you might need to prop up the male or female depending on their size to allow for penetration. Or you may have to assist the male find the right entry point in the female if he is inexperienced in the process. If the mating does not work out the first day, you can always attempt again later on.

- Items you will need - Muzzle (if necessary) - Garage, shed or basement


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