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DIY Christmas Decorating Ideas Home

12 Creative Headboards
November 29, 2023 – 03:04 pm
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A hand-carved Indian Rosewood display purchased at a flea market adds texture and an ethnic touch for this bedroom. An ideal width for a king-size bed, the four-panel screen had been set up directly against the wall surface above the baseboard to truly save room. Picture due to Adeeni Design Group.

Rubbish to Treasure

A headboard made from salvaged materials can add a lot of appeal and special style to a bedroom. In this area, an old home found in a burn stack ended up being paired with a vintage gate — reclaimed from a dump and brightened with a mist of white spray paint. The result is a whimsical, unique headboard with sufficient compound to stabilize the king-size sleep. Design by Funky Junk Interiors.

Industrial Chic

Who understood steel roofing might be so fashionable? Fashion designer Kara Paslay developed a rustic however glamorous headboard by cutting an embellished shape regarding corrugated tin, offering its subtle sheen and wavy texture. The silhouette are old-fashioned, but this headboard is anything but ordinary. Best of all, this DIY project just are priced at about $30!

Rustic Romance

Within airy bedroom, a headboard created from a set of reclaimed doors adds aesthetic weight and a sign of ruggedness to an otherwise dreamy room. The weathered doorways retain sufficient white paint to check the space's crisp bedding and gleaming chandelier. Design by Dreamy Whites.

A Great Sign

After an extensive scrub and some paint to touch up the faded lettering, this reclaimed convenience shop sign seems as effective as brand-new and makes an attractive backdrop for a daybed. Not merely does the vintage sign offer a style and color scheme when it comes to space, but its historic significance in addition causes it to be a fantastic discussion piece. Design by Funky Junk Interiors.

Organic Element

Occasionally, an urgent headboard are just what a bedroom requires. Inside modern-day loft bed room, a slab of roughhewn lumber adds an all natural touch and warms up the industrial-looking space. Design by Daniel Bodenmiller.

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