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A Re-Invented Mobile Home "Screws Convention"
September 27, 2016 – 06:12 am
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Name: Rebecca Caridad Facteau (a professional photographer and artist) & Dustin Facteau
Location: Boulder, Colorado
Size: 750 sqft
Many years lived-in: 3.5 years; Owned

Stepping in to the colorful, light filled area owned by Boulder residents Rebecca and Dustin Facteau, you may be surprised to learn that you may be really standing in a mobile residence (although it will likely take you some time to note). What exactly is remarkable about it house is exactly how successfully the Facteaus have actually created a lovely and inspirational room this kind of an unconventional way.

After years of purchasing rentals that never ever rather believed like house, Rebecca and Dustin attempt to find something to phone their without breaking the bank, hoping of avoiding a life centered around paying down an enormous 15-30 12 months mortgage. They began thinking outside the box, and then we're therefore glad they did. This unconventional thinking lead to the finding of a tiny parcel ten minutes from downtown, set on Boulder creek, and merely one block from Rebecca's work. Yes, it had been a trailer park. I am aware that in several people's minds the thought of surviving in a mobile house can come with certain preconceived notions. Well, all i must state is prepare yourself having your objectives blown-out of the liquid! You would not believe the brilliance that comes from breaking away from the status quo.

While this types of abode is not for everybody, the degree of "hominess" and personality that Rebecca and Dustin have already been capable produce inside their cellular residence is unrivaled in most old-fashioned residence alternatives I seen. And with an amount tag sitting at a portion of the expense of any ordinary home, this couple of adventurers tend to be able to go after a lifestyle predicated on performing what they love, enriched in what suggests more to them, innovative company pursuits and overseas travel.

Dustin is a chemist at this time seeking a graduate level in engineering, and Rebecca is a brilliant professional photographer and calligraphy singer, on top of other things. "i enjoy place every one of my tools side by side to remind myself that I don't need to previously choose the one thing. I am able to be slightly good at everything! This is the reason my digital cameras will usually survive top of my publications, my shows alongside my crochet hooks, the sparkle next to the ukulele tuner." states Rebecca.

Over the last three . 5 years, every square foot of this cozy abode happens to be personalized by their particular creative touch-in one way or another. From recently installed pallet wall surface within the bedroom towards customized beetle kill countertops in the kitchen, these two nesters are Do It Yourself specialists. To top it well, Rebecca's customized watercolor and calligraphy art beautifully balance the white walls and provide an inspiring air toward entire home. The wall space of this house actually talk, urging one to be material, to treasure family, and a lot of of all to put up determining moments additionally the quest for aspirations as the most prized belongings over product products. Rebecca and Dustin, many thanks the trip and for the much needed dose of healthier viewpoint.

Apartment Therapy Study:

My Design: Eclectic, Cottagey, Do-it-yourself.

Inspiration: Little space tours and articles on blog sites and websites. It really is simple for what to look messy rapidly in small rooms. Even in the event there clearly was just one thing out-of-place or one way too many things, it can feel daunting.

Favorite Element: well known element is how affordably we get to live in Boulder, CO. Also tiny areas motivate you to-be minimal, which we love. I think it emphasizes what is important.

Biggest Challenge: The toughest thing for us is that we have plenty programs for the area and we don’t have enough money or time for all of them now. We're learning persistence with this house tasks. One thing at any given time!

Exactly what Friends state: Our friends state that they feel like the area is a fantastic reflection people and our everyday style. People definitely seem astonished as to what we've done to a trailer. I believe there was nevertheless very a taboo with regards to mobile homes. I really hope that disappears, because any space may be made gorgeous and homey.

Biggest Embarrassment: I would personally state our windows and our floor coverings. Cork flooring is really pretty, but it is truly smooth and sadly we almost destroyed it since we’ve existed here. The house windows and flooring are our biggest tasks that people wish to accomplish, and so they most likely bother united states above all else.

Proudest DIY: We have so many! Most likely our proudest is our current pallet wall task. We additionally really like our beetle kill pine counters in the kitchen area.

Biggest Indulgence: Definitely our refrigerator. When we moved when you look at the one that ended up being here had been the initial fridge that has been included in the residence with regards to ended up being built, at least that's what we believe. We understood which had to be our very first huge investment.

Most readily useful guidance: After attempting to do a lot at a time we discovered that doing one task at any given time worked better for our sanity. I think you should have at least one time element of your room type of “put collectively, ” when the component you will be focusing on is crazy you have got someplace to escape to when you need a rest.


  • PRINCIPAL SPACE-Behr: white colored
  • DUSTIN’S OFFICE- Behr: precious emerald
  • Kitchen- Behr: unknown


  • Table: Ikea, craigslist
  • Seat: World Market
  • Shelving: Residence Depot
  • Record-player: Crosley
  • Chest: Classic
  • Crates: Residence Depot
  • Curtains: Elegant Comfort
  • Lamps: Thrifted human anatomy and Target shade


  • Beetle Eliminate Pine Counters- DIY
  • Island: Painted craigslist find
  • Knobs: World Market
  • Dishes: Pottery Barn, craigslist
  • Dish Rack: Vintage
  • Fridge: Frigidaire


  • Chair: Vintage, craigslist
  • Dining table: Vintage, craigslist
  • TV: Panasonic


  • Bed Frame: Vintage Cast-iron
  • Dressers: Both Vintage
  • Bedding: Target
  • Crate Tables: Residence Depot
  • Lights: Target
  • Chair: Baxton
  • Rug: Target
  • Fur Throw: Ikea


  • Tile Counters: DIY with Residence Depot Tile
  • Bath Mat: World Market
  • Shower Curtain: Gypsy Ruffled, amazon
  • Towel Rods: Home Depot
  • Shelf: Zenith Country Cottage Area Saver

Thanks a lot, Rebecca and Dustin!


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