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How to Brighten Up Your Home with the Marimekko for Target Collection
April 15, 2024 – 06:22 pm
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Fans of kicky Finnish printing purveyor Marimekko have previously marked April 17 within their calendars given that launch of brand’s collaboration with Target. The company—beloved by tastemakers from Jackie O. to Olivia Palermo—turns 65 this present year and has now conceived a lot more than 200 limited-edition products in its trademark colorful images. With from swimsuits to surfboards to tableware swathed in bold patterns, the collection is sure to get your character lined up for summer time. But how will you in fact incorporate statement-making pieces into the home? Architectural Digest is here to advise.

Don’t hesitate of color. If there’s something Marimekko signifies, it's joyous color. For fearless designers, blend four to five colors for an all-over patterned impact. If you’re a little more hue-hesitant, turn to single-color things such as these hurricane lanterns ($15–$20 each) to present a bold pop of shade.

Combine things up. Anyone who said your plates have to match? Marimekko’s visual table settings look liveliest when a few habits tend to be mixed together. If you are maybe not crazy about too many images, pair Marimekko dinner plates ($20 for four) with solid-color glasses or chargers.

Establish a palette. Unify a look by sticking with a palette of several complementary hues, eg red and yellowish, white and black colored, or two colors of blue. Even if you’re making use of plenty of patterns, the thoughtful shade plan can make things look built.

Don’t limit yourself to the inside. Incorporating a splash of color or design will transform any cramped patio into a summery oasis. Set black-and-white pool seats ($75 each) with a bright pink umbrella ($100) for a casual-cool vibe. Consider it your family room for the summertime.

Source: www.architecturaldigest.com

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