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10 Decorating Ideas Spotted in a Model Home
January 26, 2023 – 10:24 am
Amusing Model Homes Decorating

10 Decorating Ideas to Steal from a Model Home | hookedonhouses.netWhen we were visiting my parents recently, they mentioned that a new development was being built next to theirs and that it had a model home that had just opened, so of course I headed straight over! I’m always curious to see which decorating trends I’ll find in a house like this. Here are 10 things that stood out to me on the tour…

#1. Window Treatments Hung from Ceiling to Floor in Different Fabrics:

Extra-big rooms like this family room can end up looking like a gymnasium, so I’ve never been a fan of them in general. The floor-to-ceiling window treatments warmed it up, though, and they “framed” the center windows on the window wall with a solid gray-blue fabric.

Window Treatments in Two-Story Family Room | A Built-in Fireplace and TV Center Focal Point:

Sometimes model homes either pretend you won’t be watching TV in the family room or put it over the fireplace. So it was interesting to see how they solved the dilemma of where to put the flat-screen by creating space for both in the center of the focal wall. It would have been nice to see a grander fireplace on such a tall wall, but it wouldn’t have been as practical for the family who ends up living here.

#3. A Board and Batten “Border” Around the Top of the Room:

Fireplace and TV Wall in Model Home | hookedonhouses.netI was really surprised to see that they created a border with woodwork that ran around the top of the room. Usually you’d see something like this at the bottom. It was another way of breaking up the huge two-story-tall walls.

#4. A Windowseat on the Landing:

This builder didn’t ignore any empty spaces, including the staircase landing. Bonus points for making it deep enough and comfortable enough to actually use!

#5. Ombre Stripes on the Guest Room Walls:

In one of the bedrooms, the designer took three shades of peach and painted them in wide horizontal stripes from light to dark on the wall.

Windowseat on Staircase Landing | Painted striped walls in model home Framed Sheet Music on Bedroom Wall Gallery Wall of Framed Drawings in Study

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