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Mexican Decorating ideas for home

Modern Mexican Design Tips
December 6, 2018 – 03:55 am
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Photo Credit: Hacienda Style and Mexico Woods. Layout Credit: Kate Smith

As I saw cook and tv personality Gordan Ramsey in a Mexican restaurant (his current challenge on program cooking area Nightmares) ranting about cliche design due to the fact camera panned striped covers and sombreros on colorful walls, I happened to be straight away drawn in. The one thing I dislike above just-plain bad design, is a room that overuses a style in redecorating.

Ramsey's team proceeded to the office their miracle so when the latest interior decorating was uncovered, the place looked different. The color, style, and design elements all reflected a more genuine Mexican culture - and there wasn't a cactus in sight. It got me to thinking about how I might give a space a modern South-of-the-border makeover.

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While you might imagine shade was the very first thing I thought about. Color is vital but it can either fill the space or play off of white or neutrals. The colors one views in Mexico tend to be traditionally radiant, but since they had been originally created from natural pigments they will have a slightly muted or chalky quality that tones all of them straight down just a little.

When designing in the Hacienda design you'll want to "focus regarding the utilization of natural materials and textures, hacienda architectural nuances, Spanish colonial furnishings and handcrafted old-fashioned arts. Popular ornamental details include: high-beamed ceilings and cool tiled floors, massive classic doorways, arcaded portales and carved-stone columns, forged ironwork, colorful Talavera tile and Mexican classic tables, austere benches and coated trunks, " say Karen Witynski Carr and Joe P. Carr writers of several publications on Hacienda Style.

A Mexican rug isn't only the floor. It can be utilized as furniture textile and blended with other patterns. This workbench makes a huge statement and it is so playful from the dotted couch.

The Mexican textile and artwork inspired along with palette with this Brooklyn apartment. I specially like how fashion designer Nick Olsen covered the seat with all the blanket. It fits beautifully into the mixture of styles which he chose to give this compact space huge character.

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