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5 Affordable Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom with Art
March 21, 2023 – 11:27 am
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This short article initially appeared on Apartment treatment and was written by Nancy Mithcell.

Nothing tends to make a-room that can compare with a huge, bold artwork — and absolutely nothing makes a space look frumpy that can compare with a lonely, undersized printing drifting in a big expanse of white wall. But the issue, as you most likely know, is that big pieces of art have big prices. What's a designer on a budget to do? keep reading.

1. Engineering prints.
There's reasons you retain seeing these oversized photographic prints all over the net: they look great, and they're super cheap. Head to a print store with an image you prefer, and request an engineering printing (they truly are also called architectural images, or blueprints). You will pay less than $8 for a 36" by 48" printing. The drawback is the fact that the quality will not be up to a traditional photographic printing — nevertheless upside is the fact that due to this, the image quality wont matter as much. Joni at Lay Baby Lay made a couple of affordable hanger bars on her behalf large-scale print (pictured above): you can find the DIY right here.

2. Get a large poster installed on foamcore for a professional look.
Now that you're perhaps not in university anymore, having posters tacked upon the wall space can appear just a little sophmoric. But there's a powerful way to get posters to check fashionable: simply take them to a duplicate store and have them mounted on foamcore boards. The prices because of this will be different according to your geographical area, however they should operate you about $40-50 for a 36" by 36" printing — significantly less than a framed artwork of the same size.

3. Switch a fascinating little bit of fabric into an artwork.
Take an interesting little bit of fabric and stretch it on stretcher taverns, like an artist canvas, for an inexpensive, professional-looking wall-hanging. You can aquire stretcher bars in numerous sizes at art supply shops — of course you're having problems finding a fabric you like, Textile Arts has actually a great collection of Marimekko prints (like 'Tuuli', usually the one pictured overhead). Find directions for how-to extend a canvas here.

4. Take to wallpaper.
These days, it's not hard to discover wallpapers which can be worth becoming framed and exhibited like artwork. You can easily hang a bit on a wall (use double sided tape should you want to manage to go straight down later on) and include molding to produce a frame. Bam — instant oversized artwork.

5. Hang a blanket or carpet.
Vintage quilts or rugs (such as this boucherouite rug spotted on Bolig) frequently have great color and texture, and dangling one from the wall is an excellent solution to instantly raise your area — without breaking the financial institution.

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